What is Ad Chiclet?
We provide organization services for Co-op ad's consisting of many different small businesses. You can read about our Company and see our contact information here.

How much does it cost to participate?
The price varies depending on which magazine you advertise in. To see the different prices visit "Advertise", select a magazine and an edition. The price per slot will show up in the Edition Box, on the first line.

Do you let anyone advertise?
Yes, within reason. We encourage advertisers to choose magazines that are suitable for their market. We encourage advertisers to make sure they have necessary features active on their website to make the most of their advertising budget. We also encourage advertisers to consider the customers who they want to reach. Anyone who suits the magazine audience and has a working website is welcome to participate in the group ads. Interested parties without a functioning website are welcome to join the Ad Chiclet newsletter, as they can still enjoy marketing tips as they plan their online business.

I saw a magazine ad with a heading that said " Visit our group site at websitename.com for easy access to the sites listed below". How do I get my business in the ad?
Look at which magazine the ad appeared in. Then visit our "Advertise" link and select the corresponding magazine and the next available edition to see the pricing details and reservation options.

Can I do anything I want to with my section of the ad?
Each ad has Ad Copy guidelines that all advertisers must follow. The guidelines are created to make sure the full-page ad meets the specifications required by the magazine. As long as your ad follows the format guidelines you can do as you like with your section of the ad.

Can you help me design my ad?
Yes we can. To get started upload your ad copy using the "Artwork Upload" Link on the Orders Overview Page (Under "My Account"), Don't worry, just tell us if you are having trouble with you ad. We can edit your photos, add text and solve problems. If you need help just ask. We want all of the ads in the group to look stunning so that the entire page looks incredible. carrie@adchiclet.com

Do you charge for help with my ad?
No we do not, we need everyone's Ad copy to look spectacular, It's part of the service we provide in organizing the Co-op Ads.

I need technical help with creating my ad.
Once you have reserved a slot in a magazine you may upload a "direct from digital camera/scanner" photo and our designer will touch up, add additional text and crop to size as needed.

I am unable to upload my image. What should I do?
If you are having trouble uploading an image please send an E-mail to us at carrie@adchiclet.com. We can help you send your image as an E-mail attachment or adjust your image for easier upload.

What are "Ad Websites"?
"Ad Websites" provide internet links to the advertisers listed in each magazine. The Ad Website URL is listed across the top of the magazine ad and readers of the magazine can visit the URL, which displays a copy of the magazine cover and a preview of the ad. When the reader clicks on the magazine cover they are taken to a web page that displays the full ad. The full ad has clickable links on the advertiser's space and when the reader click's on an ad they are taken to the participants website in a new window.

Does each magazine have its own "Ad Website"?
No, each market has its own targeted Ad website. For example, Jewelry making ads which appear in the magazines Step by Step Beads, Beadwork, Beadfest and Beads 2008 all go to the same Ad website, www.GlassMetalClay.com.

I have an ad copy I used in X Magazine X edition. Can I run the same ad again in another magazine?
Yes you can use the same ad copy twice. Please upload the ad separately for each magazine/edition combination.

Can I change the size of my ad?
Yes, you can change the size of your ad by sending an e-mail to us at carrie@adchiclet.com, before the "Reservation Deadline" of the Magazine/Edition. After the reservation deadline passes we are unable to change the size of your ad, as all of the spaces in the full-page ad have been filled.

How do I submit my Ad copy?
Visit your "Account Overview" page and next to each magazine/edition you have reserved there is an "Upload Artwork" button. Click the button and a pop-up will open in a new window. Select your Ad Copy JPG or TIF from your folders and click "Upload now". If you are having trouble you may send your Ad copy as an attachment to carrie@adchiclet.com.

Can I revise my Ad Copy?
You can change your ad copy as long as you make the changes before the "Artwork Deadline". To make changes after the Artwork Deadline please send us an E-mail, and we will try to accommodate you if the magazine has not yet been printed.

What are the technical specifications for ads?
Each magazine has specific technical specifications listed under "Ad Copy Guidelines". Please feel free to E-mail us if you need assistance with any of the technical details, and let us know which magazine/edition you have questions about.

What happens if an Ad is only half full or has empty slots?
If a magazine/edition does not fill by the Reservation Deadline the ad will be cancelled and the participants are encouraged to reserve space in the next edition of the magazine.

What is the purpose of Ad Copy Guidelines?
Ad Copy guidelines make sure the entire full-page ad has a cohesive appearance and is printable by the magazine publishers. They make sure the various participant ads are not competing for attention and instead work together to attract the reader to the entire page.

Why can't I add my own text?
Some of the Ad Copy guidelines do not allow the participant to add text to their image. This is because for some magazines the publishers require a specific font and it needs to be sent in a particular format. In these cases Ad Chiclet works with the participants to make sure text is added to meet both the specifications of the magazine and the preference of the participants.

Why do Ad Copy guidelines change from magazine to magazine?
Different publishers publish different magazines. Each publisher has their own needs to make sure the ad prints correctly.

When will my ad appear?
Your ad will appear in the magazine on or around the "Publication Date" listed for each edition. Keep in mind the magazine might be sent out to subscribers up to two weeks before the listed "Publication Date".

Can I "subscribe" and not have to sign up for each edition of a magazine separately?
No, at this time you need to sign up for each edition of the magazine one at a time. You are welcome to sign up for all of the available editions of the magazine.

Why don't I pay when I reserve a slot?
We wait until the entire ad is full before billing the participants. This way we do not need to send refunds if an ad does not fill and is canceled.

How do I change my account password?
You can change your password using the "Account Information" panel under the "My Account" Link. The option to change your password is at the bottom of the page.

Can I cancel my ad?
You may cancel a reservation by sending an E-mail to us at carrie@adchiclet.com, before the "Reservation Deadline" of the Magazine/Edition you wish to cancel.

Is there a Shopping Cart?
There is not a Shopping Cart feature. To purchase ad space, reserve your space in the "Advertise" section. An invoice will be sent through Paypal or Google checkout according to your Billing preferences.

Can I send a check?
Yes, you can send a check to our company at PO Box 1275, Melville, NY 11747, made out to Carrie Hartley. You may also send a check through Paypal.

I paid two days ago but my Payment Status is still not updated. Why not?
The payment status is updated manually, and over the weekends there can be a time lag. If payment is sent via E-check or Check, we wait until the check clears to update payment status. You can send us an E-mail (carrie@adchiclet.com) to check on your payment status as well.