Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service provide details on the agreement between the user and Ad Chiclet, concerning reservations, payment, artwork and printing of the group ads organized by Ad Chiclet.

Users are responsible for submitting artwork on or before the artwork deadline date of the Magazine/Edition which space is reserved in. If the user does not submit artwork on or before the Artwork deadline date their reservation may be canceled at the discretion of Ad Chiclet.
Users who include text in their Artwork are responsible for spelling and font. Ad Chiclet cannot be held responsible for incorrect spelling on the part of the user or legibility due to poor font selection.
Users who have their font added by Ad Chiclet are responsible for correctly providing their URL in the comments section of the Artwork Upload screen. Ad Chiclet will use the URL exactly as given. Unless specified the standard Ad font (given in Artwork Guidelines) will be used by Ad Chiclet to add the text. Additional modifications such as the use of “Stroke” may be used to enhance readability.
Users are responsible for checking the proof and notifying Ad Chiclet of problems with their Ad within the given time frame to be no less than one week (7 days).
If the User does not respond to the proof within the given timeframe Ad Chiclet will assume the proof is error free.

All artwork submitted to Ad Chiclet for placement in Co-op Ads must be the original production of the User and the User must hold the copyright.
Ad Chiclet does not retain the rights to individual artwork that is submitted for the group ads. The image of the co-op ad as a whole may be used by Ad Chiclet as a sample ad (clearly marked sample) or as promotional material for the Ad Chiclet concept. Ad Chiclet is not required to request permission or to notify the User’s included in promotional material. Their URL identifying the creator of the original artwork will accompany all appearances of the User’s artwork.

Color & Printing
Ad Chiclet is not responsible for variations or printing errors in the magazine. Effort is taken to maintain a consistent color palette across the various User ads and the organizer views a proof to check for extraordinary color discrepancies between the monitor screen and the print version. Please note that in particular the color “Cyan” will appear much darker in print than on screen. Full color proofs are available upon request with the price varying according to publication.
Ad Chiclet is not responsible for printing errors. Each ad complies with the trim and bleed requirements of the publication.

Placement in the layout of the full page is determined on a random basis. In addition, placement of the full page ad is at the discretion of the publication and it might be placed on the left or right side of a page, near the front, in the middle or near the back of the magazine. Ad Chiclet has no control over the placement of the ad in the publication.

Cancellation of a single User Ad
Ad Chiclet allows the User the right to cancel their reservation before the reservation deadline. Cancellation requests made to Ad Chiclet after the Reservation Deadline will be reviewed on an individual basis will no obligation of Ad Chiclet to accept cancellation of the Reservation

Reservation Status
The status of a planned group ad moves through two stages “Reserved” and one of two choices “Sold-out” or “Canceled – Not Full”. In the event of an ad passing the Reservation deadline without filling the number of available slot the ad will become “Canceled – No Full”. The Canceled ad will not appear in print and all reservations are considered canceled. No payment is due and artwork is not accepted.
When an ad reaches Reservation Status “Sold-Out” The ad will run as planned with Artwork and Payment due by their respective deadlines.

Refunds policy
Ad Chiclet does not distribute refunds once an ad appears in print. Ad Chiclet does not distribute refunds in relation to color discrepancies or printing errors.

Ad Chiclet is not liable for the actions of Users.